Saturday, February 15, 2014

Pink Or Blue...Which Team Are You!?

Hey mommas! I have a girlfriend who was talking about ways she can present the sex of the baby to her partner.  I ha so many ideas because for my husband and I, I knew the gender and he didn’t.  I had a big reveal planned for him, until we decided to wait until the birth.  Today I received a message with an awesome story about a couple who had the gender mailed in a seal envelope to (for all you Rhode Islanders) Allie’s Donuts to make a gender reveal cake.  No one knew the gender, not even the momma and daddy!  The cake was made in secret in the back so only the people who made the cake knew what the baby’s gender was.  Such an adorable story and a super fun way to share your baby’s gender!  There are so many ways to share with your partner, family, and children (if you already have) to make the experience of finding out that much more fun and memorable!

To reveal to your family-

  • Make a cake that shares blue or pink once it is cut into.
  • Have blue or pink jello shots to whatever the gender is passed around.
  • Make photo copies of your ultrasound pictures.  You can have everyone color in blue or pink or you could have everyone tape a blue tie or a pink bow to the baby’s ultrasound picture. Once it is all done you can have a blown picture of the ultrasound with the tie or bow on it to reveal.
  • If you decide to have an intimate dinner party for just close family you can hide homemade scratch tickets under the plates.  When the time is right have everyone scratch to reveal the gender.
  • You could have a move night that features 2 movies that have “pink” or “blue” in the title.  For example, invite everyone over and say you will be showing either “Blues Brothers” or “Pretty In Pink”.  When the movie is shown it will reveal the gender to your loved ones.

To reveal to your partner--

  • If you are getting a maternity photoshoot done, you can wrap a blue or pink bow around your baby bump, frame the picture in light blue or light pink and wrap it in white paper and on the front write “He Or She Open To See!”
    If you already have kids and want to include them in the reveal, at your photoshoot you can have them dip their hands in blue or pink paint and put handprints on your baby bump.  When you show the pictures you can have the pictures of your kid(s) dipping in the paint and putting prints on in black and white.  The final picture black and white with just the handprints in color. You can make a little book out of it depending on how many photos were taken.
  • Gift baskets are one of my favorite things to do! Very simple and to the point.  You can make a gift basket including onesies, bibs, a baby blanket, baby bath towels, and anything else you can think of that would be useful for you and your baby and is gender specific.  Stuffing basket with pink or blue shredded tissue is also a good addition.
  • If you are one of those mommas that wants to be surprised and you let your partner know the gender, your partner could send you pink tulips or pink roses or blue hydrangeas or blue carnations.
  • Scavenger hunts are also a very fun way to reveal the gender. You can lead your partner through some of your favorite spots or past dates leaving little clues where the final destination is.  When your partner reaches the final destination you can be waiting with a box decorated with pink and blue and a saying on the outside. When you open the box you can have helium filled balloons, pink or blue, that come out revealing the gender.

To reveal to your child or children-

  • One of my favorite things as a kid was silly string.  You can get pink or blue silly string and have a silly string war with your kids.
  • Another childhood favorite was bubbles, I must admit, I still enjoy playing with bubbles.  They sell colored bubbles and pink or blue are both offered. If it is nice out, you can take the kiddies to the park and play with the bubbles!
  • I find children enjoy helping out mommy and daddy, and the best place to help is in the kitchen! You can bake pink or blue sugar cookies or even just make pink or blue jello!

Just a few things to share your baby’s gender.  For those mommas who decide not to find out that is amazing! I wish I weren’t so curious and a bit more patient.  For those who lack the patience, as I do, I hope this helps!!

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