Monday, June 2, 2014

25 Tips For Daddy

We all hear about and talk about the things you didn’t know as an expecting mom, but, what about the things you didn’t know as an expectant dad?  There can never be enough information to share about learning to be a parent.  You never truly get your masters in the field because your kids will keep you constantly learning.  When my husband and I were expecting we did not have a clue!  You will be experiencing a whole heap of firsts as you enter into daddyhood.  The most important rule, is to have fun! Life is tough enough...make every and any experience as fun as you possibly can for you and your partner and soak in every second.

That being said, there are some unexpected points it could be helpful for all you daddies to have in the back of your head.  My husband will be the first to tell y’all that nothing will truly prepare you for what’s in store...but every bit helps!

Let’s begin!
  1. Add the baby to your health insurance ASAP.  Do it before the baby is born, do not wait until the last minute.  You will have roughly 30 days with the baby covered from the date of birth, but it is best to make sure that is in order.
  2. While registering, be sure you and your partner are on the same page for what is necessary and what is unnecessary. Arguing with a pregnant woman in the middle of a baby store is never good.
  3. Bottle warmers seem silly when you can just put the bottle in a bowl of hot water, but when your baby is screaming for milk, the last thing you want to do is wait 15 to 20 minutes for the bottle to warm up in a bowl of hot water.  Bottle warmers have the bottle at the perfect temperature in 3 minutes.  Invest. You will use this a great deal in the first couple of months.
  4. You probably do not need a portable changing pad; however, invest in something that will fit in your diaper bag to change the baby on.  Getting poop on a beautiful rug at someone else’s house is very unpleasant. 
  5. Baby proof your home prior to the baby being born.  Just 3 months ago I was saying how much time we had and now our son is crawling and attempting to walk... we had to invest in a DVD cabinet with doors because our baby’s favorite thing is to go over to the shelf and take all the DVDs off.  It goes by fast.
  6. Amazon will be your best friend.  There will be so many things you will need and in bulk the best route...Amazon.
  7. Get a baby swing.
  8. Get a Jumperoo.
  9. Get a walker.
  10. Get an exersaucer.
  11. Get a play yard.
  12. Once your little one is born, you should come to terms with the fact that you will be wearing more bodily fluids from your baby than ever before, and you will be doing laundry like you have a household of 7 when it is just you, your sweetie, and your baby.
  13. Don’t hold the baby when you are all dressed for work...especially of the baby has just been fed.  You will wear vomit well, and won’t care.
  14. In your first week of changing your baby’s diaper you will get pooped on and peed on at least once.  For little boys, they have impeccable aim.  You could invest in a Pee Weeblock if you need some extra coverage.
  15. Word to the wise...such a cute baby but nasty, nasty filled diapers!  You will spend a lot of time wondering how such an adorable little one can produce that.  Plug your nose.
  16. You will not sleep.  Even if you start to fall asleep, chances are your partner or baby will be waking you up.  Do your best to get some shut eye when the baby is napping.
  17. Share feedings with your partner.  Maybe you can alternate if the baby is not sleeping through the night.  If you baby is sleeping through the night, have one of you take night feeding and the other take morning feeding.  This way one of you can go to bed earlier and the other will get up earlier. This should help you each get a bit of sleep.
  18. Deactivate your gym membership and invest in INSANITY or P90X.  My poor husband asks me all the time if he can go to the gym.  There is always so much to do by the time he gets home that it is too late by the time he is free to go.  Get a workout DVD and you can do it in your living room for 20 minutes, get a good workout and be there for your partner.
  19. Make sure you have some good babysitters lined up.  You will need some one on one time, even if your partner isn’t ready, do all you can to push her while still being sensitive to her.
  20. Learn the art of baby talk.  You will look and sound ridiculous, and will not care.
  21. The first time your baby poops during a bath will be an experience.  Enjoy the laughter.
  22. You may need a mini freezer for milk.  Not kidding.  Empty your freezer and make room for the breast milk that is about to take over.  Make sure you clearly label all the breast milk and possibly make a note of what you had to eat the day before and day of.  This way when your baby is spitting up and has gas all night, you will know why.
  23. TAKE VIDEOS OF EVERYTHING! We are so lucky now to have our Iphone’s at hand and can quickly video those adorable moments.  They go by much to fast and you can’t get them back.
  24. Don’t forget about your partner once the baby is here.  This goes both ways.  Mommas and Daddas need attention from each other, too.  Be patient with each other. Laugh together and cherish each moment.
  25. Remember, this too shall pass.