Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tips For Creating Your Registry

Some of the most fun I had during my pregnancy was creating the registry with my husband.  I found it so fun to go to our local baby store and look at all the clothes and toys are baby would be in soon enough; though, I did find it overwhelming.  At first there was so much to do, so much to pick from, I was totally overwhelmed.  I have been asked some questions by close girlfriends who are pregnant and by some of you about how to go about creating a registry.  I want to give y’all some tips and answer your questions. When creating your registry it is important to keep it light and fun! There is no need to be stressed when you are doing something that is so fun and exciting.

When should I create the registry?
The beauty of the registry is you can add to it anytime or take away from it anytime you like.  You can start it at any point in your pregnancy.  Most women wait until they are in the clear with their doctor or midwife.  Once women are safe to tell everyone is usually around the time to start registering.

How can I keep my partner involved in creating the registry?
This is a great question which was asked by you and by a girlfriend of mine.  When my husband and I went to create our registry he let me choose almost everything because I am the one home with our baby using everything.  He didn’t realize at the time that he needs to know how to use the products just as much as me.  I still did what I could to keep him involved and make it just as exciting for him.  
  • Limited time. The first thing you want to be careful of is overwhelming him.  A long day in your local baby store may be too much for him and overwhelm him completely.  Try to limit your trips to the baby store.  Rather than going for an entire day to get everything done, plan little trips.  If you chose a category to add one day and another the next that will make it easier on your partner. 
  • Hand over the gun. Another thing that is great for keeping your partner involved is the scanner gun.  My husband wanted that scanner gun, and luckily our baby store gave us each one.  It seems silly but having some control over the gun will really help making him feel involved.
  • Make a list first.  This goes for the both of you.  To avoid overwhelming you and your husband, it can help if you take a look at home on your computer at all the brands and products there are.  Get a feel for a few different brands that you and your husband may want to test out.  This way when you get to the store you aren’t looking at all these items with no clue where to start.

How do I pick a brand for my car seat, stroller, etc.?
There are so many great brands that it can be difficult to choose.  To start, you want to look up all reviews online.  Pick a few different brands you are interested in and check out how they are rated by other customers.  Once you have a few in mind, go to the store and test them out for yourself!  When creating your registry, do not be afraid to take the items for a test drive.

What size clothes will my newborn need?
I don’t recommend registering for any clothes because you may register in February, where they have winter items out, and your shower is not until April, the clothing items will be completely different by the time people start buying gifts. As far as the sizes, there is truly no way to know because you won’t know if the baby will be big, small or premature.  My husband and I purchased a few newborn outfits and the rest all 3 month.  We did end up needing more newborn because our son was premature.  Bring a newborn outfit and a 0-3 month or 3 month outfit to the hospital with you because there is no way to know for sure.

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