Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tips To Remember When Choosing A Car Seat

One of the most important things for you and your baby that you will register for or purchase is the car seat.  They will not let you leave the hospital unless the car seat has been properly installed by the hospital or local fire department.  When choosing your car seat there is a lot to remember, though all car seats on the market are “safe” because they meet the government requirements to be sold.  I say “safe” because even if the car seats meets all requirements there can still be some problems if installed wrong.  There are some things you want to look at and keep in mind as you’re choosing the car seat for the baby.

When choosing the car seat for your baby, you will be looking at two different types of car seats.

  • Infant Car Seat- This car seat will always face the rear and holds up to 35 pounds.  When the baby has exceeded the limits for this car seat you will need to get another car seat that will face forward.

  • Convertible Car Seat- This car seat is used for infants and toddlers.  Rear-facing it can hold up to 40 pounds and forward-facing holds up to 70 pounds.

This is the first choice about the car seat you will make, which type.  For me and my son, we have a Convertible Car Seat because it avoids a later purchase and grows with baby.  I found this to be the best choice for us.  Some women like the infant car seats to start more than the convertible.  Something else to consider is getting a car seat and stroller combo.  It definitely has it’s pros and cons!  It is so convenient when you want to take the baby for a walk.  When I take my son out for a walk I have to take him out of the car seat and into the stroller.  With the combo, you just pop him in and out without having to take him out of the seat at all; however, you will need to purchase another eat later because the weight limit is about 35 pounds.

Some things to look for when choosing the car seat are:

Will it be easy to use?
When you are looking through the bunch of car seats give the seat a test run.  It is totally fine to take the car in and out of the base.  You should test and be sure it will be easy to release to get the seat out of your car.  You don’t want a car seat that is difficult to release because your baby will fall asleep in the seat and taking the baby in and out while asleep needs to be a smooth transition.  Don’t be afraid to fiddle with the harness of the seat as well.  You need to make sure it is easy to adjust.

Is is a comfortable car seat?
It is so important that the car seat is not only comfortable for your baby, but is also comfortable for you.  While testing the car seats at the store, take a look at the handle because you will be carrying the car seat around a bunch!  If you do find a car seat you love but the handle is a bit uncomfortable, don’t worry, they make cuffs that give the handle some padding so your arm doesn’t take too much of a beating.  For your baby’s comfort check out the fabric, how much padding, and ow breathable the fabric is.

Will the car seat fit in my car?
Be aware of the space in your car when choosing the car seat.  You don’t want to be sitting in the front with your knees scrunched up to your face because there is no room for the seat in the back.  There are different dimensions so try and measure before shopping.

Keep these tips in mind when you are on the look out for the car seat you choose for baby! Happy Shopping!!

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