Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Preggie Pops!

Any of y’all struggling with MORNING SICKNESS OR NAUSEA?  I know it feels like it will never end and nothing that you do will make it better.  I promise you it will end and there are some things you can do to help give you some relief.  I talked about MORNING SICKNESS AND HYPEREMESIS in my blog a while back where I listed a few things you can do to help.  This was before I knew about PREGGIE POPS FROM THREE LOLLIES.  
THREE LOLLIES is a company that came up with natural products called PREGGIE POPS AND QUEASY POPS to give women struggling MORNING SICKNESS during PREGNANCY or anyone who may need nausea relief.  The products were made by healthcare professionals to allow people a natural approach to dealing with any nausea.  
During PREGNANCY most women are a bit scared to be taking medications, even if the sickness is so severe that it is so necessary.  There are some medications that are safe but even still, there is hesitation from many women when it comes to taking medication during pregnancy.  I went through this myself.  With HYPEREMESIS, which is far more severe than morning sickness, I had no choice but to take the medication.  I was terrified about taking the medication.  Even though my son is happy and healthy despite all of that, I wish I had known about the PREGGIE POPS.
I was very fortunate to recently be able to try PREGGIE POP DROPS PLUS and PREGGIE NATURALS (CHEWS).  PREGGIE POP DROPS PLUS come in 2 all natural flavors, sour raspberry and sour lemon.  They are $5.50 a box and come with 12 lozenges in a pack.  You can suck on them for at least 15 minutes!  PREGGIE NATURALS (CHEWS) come in a variety of flavors; peppermint, raspberry, ginger, and green apple.  They are $3.95 a box and come with 15 chews to a pack.  They are super easy to chew and don’t hurt your teeth as some chew products do.  They taste like a delicious candy!  Both products have wonderful flavors, are very yummy and truly ease the quease!
I would recommend these products to anyone who is experiencing nausea, not just pregnant women.  These pops would be great to use if you get motion sickness and are taking a long trip or going on a boat.  They would also be beneficial for a patient who is experiencing a tough treating that would cause nausea.  THREE LOLLIES also carries products to help people who are trying to cope with quitting smoking.  I have not tried this product, as I don’t smoke, but I am going to have my uncle give them a go!  
If you try these products, I promise you will not be disappointed.  The products are affordable and will make a difference!
**This was a product review for the company Three Lollies, all my statements are my own opinion and I was not compensated by Three Lollies is any way.**  

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