Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Morning mommas! Today I want to talk a little bit about nesting.  A mother has an instinct to prepare the home before the baby comes.  It is important to get these things done now while there is the time because once the baby gets here you will be lucky if you have the time to shower.
Every momma is different and has different ways they go about “nesting”.  Some women clean their house until it is so clean you can see your reflection in the hard word floor and some women reorganize every ounce of their home so much you can’t find anything.  Whatever way your instincts lead you it is important to remember there are a few essentials that should be done before the baby arrives.
Something so important to remember is that you have a partner, friends and family who will be around to help and you don’t have to do everything alone.  If you are offered a helping hand, take it!  In my experience I wanted to do everything myself, and it is okay to do things yourself, but it is especially important to involve your baby’s daddy! Let him do some things to or let him do things with you.
Here are just some things to consider doing if your nesting instinct kicks in.
Load The Fridge!  You want to make sure you have enough food for you and your husband once the baby arrives.  Chances are that you will have friends and family bringing you cooked meals and stuff for the baby but you want to be all stocked just in case.  There will be no time for cooking for the first few weeks, and you most likely will not feel like cooking a big meal after you have just given birth.
Treat yourself!  You will no longer be able to pamper yourself the way you did before your bundle of joy.  The baby becomes the center of attention, and you take a backseat.  It is important to pamper yourself while you can.  Going on a little shopping spree is a great way to do this.  Purchasing new bras would be something beneficial for you because once the milk comes in your breast will get larger and need some extra support.  Get different types of bras to try them out and see which ones work for you.  Some women love nursing bras, some love sports bras, and some just like their regular a larger size.  Whatever works for you!  Also, get some comfy sweats, yoga pants, and cotton comfy underwear.  After childbirth, whether natural or c-section, you will be in comfy clothes for at least 6 weeks post birth.  For those of you who are planning natural birth and it goes according to plan, you will need comfy underwear that is roomy enough to fit in pads because you will have some bleeding afterwards.  Maxi pads are also something you will want to get.  You will get them in the hospital if you have a natural birth, but some women prefer certain types.  Go with whatever is most comfortable for you.  It also can’t hurt to have a spa day as a little treat.  Go get a pedicure and maybe a prenatal massage.  Your feet and back will love you after carrying around all the added weight.
Treat your baby!  I found buying things for the baby so much fun.  Your baby will need clothes, diapers, wipes, ointment, bibs..the list is endless.  Due to the fact that you aren’t 100% aware what size your baby will be, I found it most helpful to get one or two newborn one piece outfits and 0-3 month for the rest.  You don’t know what your baby will like so it would be beneficial to get a few small packages of different types of diapers so you can try them out and see which ones work best for you and your baby.  The same goes for wipes, ointments, pretty much all baby necessities are up to what woks for you and your baby.  Every mommy is different and y’all will like different things.  Get some samples of different products and give them a try.  Something I learned the hard way was not to buy products in bulk until I knew what I liked best and my baby liked.
Bake and cook some goodies!  If you are one of those women who love to cook or bake and nesting calls you to the kitchen go right ahead and bake or cook away!  You most likely won’t be cooking or baking much once your baby takes center stage.  If you are cooking, cook some things that will last a while, like lasagna, chicken cutlets, meatloaf, meatballs or a nice big gravy to go with a pasta dinner.  All of these foods you can stick in the freezer and then have at the ready once the baby arrives.  If you are one for baking, cookie dough is perfect to freeze and make later.  Bake or cook whatever you want while you can.  You partner will love it too!
Tidy Up!   It is always good to give your home a once over before the little one is home.  You want to make sure everything is super clean because you probably won’t get a chance to clean that thoroughly again for a little while.
Prepare your baby’s nursery!  I found this to be the most exciting part about preparing for the baby.  It is a great way to bond with your partner as well.  From going to pick out the crib and essentials to filming your partner attempt to put them together, it is a fun and exciting part of having a baby.
Get A Plan!  Something that is so crucial, is having a plan with your partner about delivery.  There are so many details about the delivery that you should be on the same page about.  I know in my own experience, my husband and I discussed not having any extended family come visit us after our son was born.  After the pregnancy I had and the induction and difficult delivery, the last thing I wanted was to entertain a bunch of people in a tiny room where I was barely dressed, trying to breastfeed every hour and constantly having to run to the bathroom to rub numbing ointments on myself.  It is up to you and your partner what you want to do, but make sure you are on the same page and your families will have to respect whatever decision you chose.  My husband was the one who actually made the choice to not have any visitors come see us until we got home and I was feeling a bit better.  We had my mom there, because she was in the room with us, my dad came because he knew how sick I had been for 9 months and was scared that something would go wrong since I had preeclampsia, and my uncle came because he worked in the hospital I gave birth and was already there.  Other than that, we didn’t see anyone until we arrived home and I was feeling a little better.  Make sure y’all have a plan and you stick to it together.  Even if it is as simple as where your partner stands during delivery, know your plan.


  1. I did not know that expecting mothers have an instinct to 'nest'...very cool. I think this is about the second time this week that I have read about this on a blog.

  2. Lots of good advice! I always started major house projects 2 weeks before my due date...Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!


  3. Thanks for sharing with #ThrowbackThursdaylinkup. We had two planned little boys and then an unexpected little daredevil boy for the youngest. Great tips on nesting and so true to pamper yourself before baby arrives. Wish I had done more of that! Pinning and sharing!

  4. Thank you for linking up to #throwbackthursdaylinkup