Friday, May 23, 2014

Put Down The Beer & Pick Up The Bottle!

Hey y'all! As we are entering into the month of June, we are entering into Daddyhood.  With Father's Day coming up I have been really thinking about what to do for my husband for his first Father's Day!  Daddy doesn't need another tie.  I think my Dad definitely has enough ties and coffee cups at this point.  There are so many creative things you can do for your partner when you're expecting and as he enters into his first official Father's Day.

For Expecting & New Dads:

Finding a diaper bag that your partner won’t be embarrassed by is no easy feat.  Here are some great diaper bags that my husband and some of our fathering friends love.

I recently took the survival guide I made for my husband and turned it into a kindle book.  It is called, Put The Beer Down & Pick Up The Bottle, and can be found on  Survival guides, like this one, add an element of humor to what can be a stressful situation.  If your partner is into sports you can make a Playbook.  Whatever sport your partner chooses, whether soccer, football, basketball, or baseball you can create a playbook geared towards parenthood.  Wisdom for the expecting.

Creating a survival gift for an expecting parent is so fun.  You can through in any little inside jokes you may have while also getting things you will actually need for when the baby arrives.  I made my husband a survival kit for his birthday.  He loved it and we actually ended up using most of the stuff in it.

Making a gift basket is a super fun way to include things for the new baby and some personal things as well.  Along with the survival kit I made my husband for his birthday I made him a gift basket that had alcohol nips, funny onesies, scratch tickets, the playbook I made him, framed photos of us and the ultra sound.

If you know the gender of the baby and have decided on a name you could engrave something for your partner with your baby's initials.  Whatever they are interested in. You could also engrave a frame and put the baby's first ultrasound picture in it.  For my husband, I made him a personalized Iphone case for pre-birth, birth, and 3 months.  Having our baby boy’s 3D ultrasound or picture on his phone helps him while he is working all day missing us.

Gender Reveal-
If you want there to be a surprise element for your partner, one of you can find out the gender and plan a reveal for the other.  You can do this through framing a maternity photo in pink or blue, baking with pink or blue dye, or you can do a scavenger hunt and leave little clues and riddles. In my next post I will be talking about clever ways to do gender reveals!

Coupon Book-
Coupon books are always fun, thoughtful and inexpensive.  It is so important to let you partner feel loved through this process because they are put on the back burner.  Having a coupon book will allow you to have that time together in a fun way.  You can do just about anything whether you want it to be romantic, spicy, or just a movie night.

This is a little bit pricier, but getting a glider for your partner would be beneficial because that time when they spend in the rocker with the baby is so special.  In my own experience, the bond that my husband has while rocking the baby is like my breastfeeding.  He absolutely loves his time at the end of a long work day when he can just sit down and relax with our baby.

Some men out there do enjoy a bouquet of roses, but for those that don't there are other ways to give a bouquet.  You could do a bouquet of your partner's favorite alcohol nips and cigars, or candy and snacks or coffee doing the bouquet in a nice mug.  

If you have a sports fanatic on your I do, you can choose a theme depending on the time of year it is.  My husband loves the Baltimore Ravens.  When I made him his bouquet and gift basket I centered it around football and all the accessories were Baltimore Ravens.  I made him a basket filled with nips, cigars, scratch tickets, a bottle opener, the list goes on.  Along with this, I got him a Baltimore Ravens diaper bag, and they sell all teams, of all sports, stuffed with what a daddy might need for his little one!  I find this to be such a great idea for any expecting or new dad.


  1. I love the idea of doing a gender reveal on father's day - oh and I definitely recommend the glider - we didn't get ours until our kiddos were 6 months old and I wish we'd had it from day 1! #supermommyclub

  2. We did the glider! He loves his rocking time :-)!

  3. These are all wonderful ideas! Doing the gender reveal on Father's Day sounds like such a wonderful surprise! Thank you for sharing your blog with us on the TGIF Hop. :)

    1. Thank you! I did a reveal for my husband on his birthday! He had no idea and was 100% convinced we were having a girl! It was such a nice surprise!

  4. Some great ideas for fathers day! Fathers day here in Australia is in September, but I will store these for reference later, thanks for linking up to Stumble into the Weekend :)