Tuesday, May 6, 2014

MILKY! By NeedBrands

I, as many are, am breastfeeding my baby boy.  He is now just about 5 months old and he is thriving.  He was 3 weeks premature which definitely affected how he nursed.  We had a rough time getting in sync so I was pumping exclusively for the first month.  We eventually got it together and nursed, bottle fed, all of the above.  After being so sick, sleep deprived, and having an enormous amount of stress put on me due to family problems, my milk supply began to decrease.  I was searching and searching for ways to increase my supply because I was absolutely terrified that I would lose my supply and have to stop breastfeeding.  After doing a bit of research, I came across something called fenugreek.  Fenugreek is a plant and the seeds are used to make medicine for many different conditions.  One use of fenugreek is to improve a mother’s milk supply.  I started taking fenugreek and thankfully my supply was back up; however, I started to have this overwhelming maple syrup smell on my body all the time.  So gross and probably too much information, but it was like the fenugreek made me stink.  I am not sure if this is the case for all or most women, but for me it was.  This made me stop taking the fenugreek.  Thankfully, my supply was not terribly low, but I could afford to be making more with the amount my son was eating due to his growth spurts.
After doing more and more research, I came across a product called MILKY!  This product is a lactation enhancement drink that you take twice a day.  It contains:
Fenugreek to increase breast milk supplyFennel to promote faster let-down to alleviate baby’s colic symptomsGinger help relieve upset stomachChamomile to help relax mommaRooibos which deliver natural anti-oxidants
MILKY! was started by Tia and Tamera Mowry.  They were both starting their own families and had a concern, as most moms do, about producing enough milk for their little ones.  They met with many to produce MILKY!
I have had the privilege of giving MILKY! a try.  I must say, I am happy to report, it works wonderfully!  Within the first day of drinking it I noticed a difference in my milk supply.  I went from making 4 ounces each breast to 7 ounces each breast.  I had a strawberry flavored package and I must say, it tasted pretty good.  I did not find any weird body odor from taking this as I did with the fenugreek.  There seem to be so many things at play with MILKY!  and the combination is dynamite.  I would recommend this product to any momma who is having a difficult time feeding their baby.

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  1. I read about Fenugreek when I was expecting, luckily I had enough milk so I never needed to test it out. This stuff sounds good though especially if it doesn't cause that wacky smell! #supermommyclub