Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Push Present!

During pregnancy most of the gifts you receive are most likely for your baby.  What about the things for momma?  Of course your baby needs certain things but so don’t you mommas!  Through the pregnancy it is totally OK to give your partner a little something just because, or maybe it is mother’s day or christmas, whatever the occasion, there are so many wonderful ideas of gifts for your pregnant lady!  After 9 long months of carrying around this little human and then giving birth women definitely deserve a little something we like to call a “push present”.  Aside from the most amazing gift you receive when you finally get to meet the bundle of joy, your partner can absolutely give you some recognition with a little something.  Here are some ideas of gifts to give your expecting mommas during pregnancy and after delivery!

During Pregnancy:

Body pillows are always welcome!  While some women are super uncomfortable during pregnancy, body pillows will definitely be an amazing comfort.  Most women say it will get them through their pregnancy and is truly the only way to get any sleep.

Gowns for delivery.  Some of those hospital gowns can be super uncomfortable.  There are always people coming in and out examining things and adjusting things. With the way the hospital gowns are designed it makes it very difficult to get up and walk around without mooning the entire floor.  Luckily, there are some amazing gowns by a company called Pretty Pushers.  They make stylish gowns for mommas in labor and delivery.  They’ve thought of everything!  It is good to have access for the monitor, epidural and any other things you may be hooked up to.  Click here to see more styles by Pretty Pushers.

Coupon book.  I am one for coupon books.  Just because it is a gift does not mean you have to spend a fortune!  There are so many things your love may want or need during pregnancy and you could make a coupon book of all the things she may desire.  Foot rubs, back rubs, any rub really is so helpful during pregnancy!

A trip to the spa.  Even not pregnant, most women love a trip to the spa.  You could get your partner a fully paid day at the spa where she can get a prenatal massage, manicure and/or pedicure.  When you look good, you feel good.  We know how sometimes it is hard to really feel good while pregnant, this may be a good way to lift those spirits.

Clothes always cheer up a woman!  You could always get her something nice to wear and take her out for a nice night on the town.  Get dressed up and take her out to dinner and make her feel special!  Some great places you can find awesome and affordable maternity clothes are Pink Blush Maternity and Destination Maternity.  They have great clothes that will keep her comfortable and looking gorgeous.

Make a baby book about the pregnancy.  Keeping a baby book is something great that you and your partner should do along your journey.  You could make a baby book for your darlin that documents things you see along the way.  Pictures, ultrasounds, your point of view, anything really.  This is a sweet way to share with you partner.  I made my husband a book through Mixbook, this site was amazing and not terribly expensive.  It was shipped fast and looked wonderful.

Push Presents:

Jewelry is ALWAYS welcome!  Birthstone necklaces and rings are an adorable keepsake from the birth of your baby.  My husband got me a birthstone ring after the birth of our first baby.  It has the baby’s birthstone and mine.  Be careful not to get it too far in advance because you never know when the baby will decide to grace you with his or her presence.  Our baby was due in November, but decided that October 30th was a good day to arrive.  Luckily, he had a feeling and got the October birthstone.

Add ons are great.  With whatever gift you get, a little gift for the baby is great too.  A onesie that says “Push Present” on it would be too cute!

Charm Bracelets to keep on adding.  Charm bracelets are so great because you can continue yo add charms.  If you have more children you can add a charm for each child.

You can never go wrong with shoes or a handbag!  A nice pair of shoes and/or a really nice handbag are a sweet gift for when you two can finally go on a date again.  Don’t expect it to be right away, but it will be soon enough.

Don’t forget about daddy!  He has worked hard too through this pregnancy and delivery.  Definitely not as hard as you mommas, but dealing with those hormones and helping you along the way is stressful.  In the delivery room especially, you dads are worn out from stressing and trying to help your partner as best you can.  You can get get a bottle of alcohol to ease the entry into fatherhood.  After the 9 months of anxiety and hormones I am sure he is ready for a drink.  Make it fun and entertaining for him.


  1. This is a wonderful article. I am sure expectant parents will love to read this. Thanks for linking up at #ThrowbackThursdayLP.

  2. I only recently heard that push presents even exist. I like the charm bracelet idea a lot!

    Also for the Daddy, I've seen a nice assortment of gift ideas from Daddy Scrubs.

    1. I love Daddy Scrubs! They have awesome things for daddies! They are on my website -- http://helpingmommytone.tumblr.com/pinkblush&daddy&co

  3. Wish things like this would have been around when I had my son - might have made the 28.5 hours a bit more fun! :)